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Naughty Party

The Lovers Bundle

The Lovers Bundle

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The Lovers Bundle is perfect for romantic night at home. Spend this Valentine's Day reigniting the passion and bond in your relationship with this bundle.

The Lovers Bundle Includes:

 The You & Me Intimate Collection

Includes: The You & Me Game, Silky Red Blindfold, Re-Usable Fabric Rose Petals

Transform your intimate moments with the You & Me Game, where passion meets play. Sprinkle re-usable fabric rose petals for a romantic setting. Let the silky smooth blindfold heighten anticipation. The game sparks love, intimacy, and passion, deepening your connection. Roll the dice for thrilling forfeits, collecting points for steamy rewards. Elevate your bedroom routine, discovering new pleasures and fostering a lasting bond of love and trust. Will you succumb to passion or stick to your strategy to claim the ultimate fantasy? With 90 suggestions and adventurous activities, every roll intensifies the game, making each play unforgettable.

Rose Petal Love Notes

Includes: 100 Rose Petals, Silky Petal Pouch, 10 Sexy Surprise Examples

Ignite passion with a sensual surprise! Express your desires on rose petals using the white pencil. Craft a trail of romantic messages for your lover to follow, building anticipation. At the trail's end awaits an enticing surprise. Whether it's "Get naked and meet me in the kitchen" leading to a night of cooking naked together or another fun surprise, let your imagination run wild. Personalize messages or use examples from the insert for unforgettable moments of seduction. Let the journey of desire unfold with each petal, turning ordinary evenings into extraordinary memories.

Yes to Love Naughty Notes

Includes: 3 ml packets of Massage Oil, Warming Foreplay Oil and Water Based Lubricant. 4 Kama Sutra Positions with tips & tricks

A greeting card that features a flirty message that reads "YES TO LOVE" on the outside and "NO TO CLOTHES!" on the inside. This naughty note will inspire desire with 4 Kama Sutra positions and 3 romance product packets.


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