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Sexopoly Board Game

Sexopoly Board Game

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Indulge in the exciting and intimate world of Sexopoly, a tantalizing board game designed for couples, friends, and very good friends. Combining strategy and luck, this game offers a playful avenue for shedding inhibitions and having a thrilling, sexy time. Immerse yourself in a world of passion and enjoyment.

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Customer Reviews

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Shane Dove
So much better than I'd hoped.

I found this game to be completely different. What amazed me really is that though my wife and I had a great time with it, sometimes making up our own tasks to complete instead of using the games, is that you truly can play this in any company that is willing to be anywhere from just slightly risque, to completely sexually free.

good semi clean fun

Well made game with quality cards and board ect. It is fairly tame with no real overly intimate 'contact' as such but sure to get the fires burning so to speak.