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Hot Love Couples Card Game

Hot Love Couples Card Game

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Hot Love Couples Card Game is a rummy-style romance card game designed for all couples. Featuring four types of sexual adventures numbered 1-12—Romance, Roleplay, Fetish, and Sex—it takes you on a journey from foreplay to progressively more intimate activities. Spice up your encounters with multiple ways to play, ensuring a unique game every time.
Includes: 53 Cards, 12 Romance Cards, 12 Roleplay Cards, 12 Fetish, 12 Sex and 4 Wild Cards.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sasha Spence
Great Gift for Parties with Strangers or close Friends

I purchased this item during the pandemic and it turned out to be a HIT! I used them when I hosted Virtual Zoom parties and Happy Hours and it really got lots of laughs and great conversations started! In addition, outside of Zoom, my wife and I often use the FLIRT deck to get some good laughs, remember old times, and to keep our relationship fresh with fun and laughter.

Great game for a home date-night

This is a great card game. My fiancée and I enjoy these types of conversation games as we always learn new things about each other even though we already know one another very well.