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Drinking with Stupid: A Drinking Card Game

Drinking with Stupid: A Drinking Card Game

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Drinking with Stupid Card Game is a drinking game that turns your antics into a celebration! Take turns posing "I have" style questions, uncovering the hilarious and foolish things you and your friends have done. Those who've done it must take a sip, transforming every round into a toast to the comically absurd. Elevate your gatherings with laughter and a shared appreciation for the foolish moments that make this drinking game a memorable hit! Cheers to the absurd!

For 2 or more players.

Game Includes:

  • 69 Cards with 552 Questions
  • An 8-Sided Die
  • 1 Rule Card

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jerri Macdonald
Really Fun- Family Loved It

Experience the excitement of this engaging game, perfect for both casual gatherings and full blown parties. Suitable for adults. Get ready to belly laugh and have a great time,

Nice quality and fun!

Very fun game, I would not recommend playing with your parents... Unless you are comfortable acting out vulgar activities. Other than that, it's super fun and hilarious!