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Weed! The Pothead Card Game - Deluxe Edition!

Weed! The Pothead Card Game - Deluxe Edition!

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Deluxe Weed! The Card Game includes all the same cards as the original Weed! strategy card game, where you and your stoner friends compete to see who can grow all their pot plants first. You can still steal plants or bust another player, but with 7 extra characters added there are now more ways to sabotage their growing attempts! With the help of Wendy Weedwacker you can hack away slowly at a friends garden or you could also have bugs start to eat away at your own. Potzilla can still show up to wipe out all of your plants, but you can now destroy everyone's crops with Slash Burn. 

For 2-8 Players

Game Includes:

  • 108 High Quality Cards
  • Game Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Willis Eagle
Buy this now!

Love playing this game! Have had lots of fun and brought out some competitive natures trying to grow the best garden- and never knowing quite who will win as each round is different!

Gene S. Jones
love this game ;{

My wife and I love this game! It involves a bit of strategy but is easy enough to manage while stoned. This deck is a definite improvement on the original.